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Art Projects

Creating an art project with YirraKurl


If you have funding or just an idea for an indigenous art project talk to us at YirraKurl. We’ll collaborate with you from conception to completion.

We can meet in person or online to begin developing your project. 


What is an art project?

Anything you conceive! Art projects are limited only by your imagination. 

Most people think of public art. However your next art project could be located anywhere.

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Public spaces
  • Private residences
  • Even online

Sometimes art projects are the work of a single artist. Often they involve collaboration with other artists.

Some projects use traditional media like painting and sculpture. Others use a mix like combining painting with video, events and social media.



In July 2015 Deborah Newenham collaborated with Neta Knapp celebrating NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) week with an art project at the Fremantle Markets.

The Noongar Art Trail, painted on the Markets floor led visitors on a 130-metre journey. The designs featured traditional indigenous iconography, travel lines, campsites and wildlife. Read more about the Freo Markets Project here.


Make time to celebrate cultural events