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Corporate Licensing

Elevate your image

with YirraKurl corporate design


Do you want your corporate image to reflect indelibly Australian themes?



Let YirraKurl designs reveal your corporate heart. Incorporating indigenous designs gives deeper meaning to your brand and lets the world know you care about keeping Aboriginal culture alive. Connect your unique corporate story with respect for the land and the spirit of community. 


Choose from the range of available designs below or commission Deborah to design exactly what you need.


How does a commission work?

The commissioning process is very simple. You begin by briefing Deborah. You’ll need to explain what you want the design to represent. Is it part of a bigger project? Do you have a colour scheme in mind? What is your budget? Is there anything you don’t want in your painting? Where is it going to hang? We clarify everything from price to deadlines to decision making responsibility first.

Deborah then creates and paints your story. You can hang the finished painting on your wall and use any or all of the design in your promotions for the agreed time frame.


Payment terms

You pay 50% up front and 50% on delivery.


How does image copyright work?

Once you’ve chosen your design, we negotiate a contract giving you the right to use the image on anything that’s not for sale. For example:

  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Promotional items
  • Corporate gifts

Contracts are usually set for a minimum of three years. YirraKurl remains the copyright owner. You are licensed to reproduce your chosen corporate design in various ways, including making it available online, and emailing it.


Here is a selection of images available. CONTACT DEBORAH FOR PRICING DETAILS.



Examples of customers who have used YirraKurl corporate licensing:


  • Telethon Institute for Child Health Research 2006-2010 – created Learning Circle concept painting including details for use across all branding and promotions.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) – full colour front page design for 2001 WA International Business Directory
  • Department of the Attorney General (DoTAG) Aboriginal Mediation Service branding and cover design for “Reconciliation Action Plan 2011-2015”
  • Horizon Power – designs for promotional material commissioned in 2011