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Promotional products & corporate gifting



promotional PRODUCTs & corporate gifting




Are you looking to include an Aboriginal design perspective to weave through the story of your next range of products?

Check out our range of images below or contact us if you would like Deborah to create designs specifically for your textiles, wall coverings, public art projects or practical gifts.



How YirraKurl can help your sales

Working with YirraKurl designs gives you the opportunity to combine ancient indigenous storytelling to create products with meaning.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Your copyright license gives you the ability to take control of your market share
  • Create themes across a range of products with complementary images


How does a manufacturing license work?

There are endless possibilities for incorporating YirraKurl’s Aboriginal art designs in your manufactured products.

We work collaboratively with manufacturers in all kinds of ways including licensing and co-creating.

You pay an agreed percentage of the wholesale price for every product you sell.


Your copyright license

Once you’ve chosen your design, we negotiate a contract giving you the right to use the image in your manufactured articles.

Contracts are usually set for a minimum of three years.

YirraKurl remains the copyright owner. You are licensed to reproduce our designs for the agreed purpose and time frame.

You can see some examples of products made with the YirraKurl licensed designs here. 


Examples of clients using YirraKurl copyright licenses include

  • Artique Designs and Hallmark Australia - 13 works of art for each of their calendars from 2001 – 2005
  • Australia Post – commission to produce an enormous amount of Aboriginal Art Panels which were displayed and sold in selected retail outlets (2002)
  • Southern Cross Crackers - artwork on quality Christmas crackers (2003)
  • Clifton Umbrellas - design motifs on a range of quality umbrellas (2005)
  • Liesure Tech - images for candles, jewelry and cosmetic bags (2005)

Licensed Artwork



Images available for licensing

Here is a selection of images available. Talk to Deborah for more information about copyright licensing these unique Aboriginal designs for your products.